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Puerto Vallarta is a small tourist destination with two airports. There are many options to reach different parts of the area. However, there are very limited transportation options for the airport. It is better to arrange the transportation in advance whenever you travel to a new place. You can book the vehicle according to your choice and requirement. You can book the shuttle with more luggage capacity or seats. Some options are perfect if you are travelling with the family. There are vehicles especially designed for business or corporate travelers. They have limited luggage capacity.

There are many companies which work with the airport private shuttle services. Some of them work with the hotels. They offer pick and drop services to the guests of a specific hotel or resort to the airport or other attractions. They also offer tour service for beaches and attractions.

You can ask the company because some buses have their own restrooms in the airport where the passenger can sit and relax before or after the journey. There are different types of services like personal belongings keeping, luggage handling, luggage pick and drop, packing, loading and unloading etc.

Some passengers do not consider these services useful whereas they are designed by the companies according to the experience. These things become useful when the passengers have to visit different places.


Why is it better to book Air Transportation Services?

Puerto Vallarta is a very small destination with a variety of options to get around. They are very easy to hire and use. However, there are two airports and both of them have very limited options to be available on time.

Different types of Airport Transportation Services

It is better to carefully chose the vehicle so you can have hassle feel journey and keep your luggage safe. Different types of vehicles are:

  • Shared Ride Vans are the ones which are booked by different passengers for same destination. These are also good for families because they have more luggage than solo travelers.
  • Private Vans are usually booked by larger groups which are traveling together for convention or local event. These rides head towards one destination and there is no stop.
  • Private SUV’s are perfect for the people who want a private vehicle with chauffer. They can carry 3 to 4 people with limited luggage. Many executives and corporate travelers use this option.
  • Taxi cabs are one of the oldest transportation option for travelers. Never forget checking rates and comparing the prices before booking it. Uber is a good option but you have to walk a bit to the stop to get one.
  • Charter Buses are the best for large groups. Many time business, educational or community groups travel in larger sizes for different places. They have luggage capacity and extra folded seats as well which can be opened.

Questions to ask while booking Airport Transportation Service

There are several things which should be discussed while booking the vehicle. 

  • Ask about the stop or the place from where the vehicle will pick you up.
  • Vehicles need to be according to the requirement of pets. Never forget mentioning your pet while booking the vehicle. They will ask you about the carriage, size of your pet or if you need to make a couple of stops.
  • Discuss clearly if you are travelling with the family or a group and a lot of luggage. It is better to book a big vehicle instead of booking two smaller ones.
  • Try to not leave personal belongings in the vehicle while going out like phone, laptop or wallet. Mention and hand it over to the driver to take care of the things.
  • Discuss if you only want to reach the accommodation or make different stops because there are different types of vehicles.
  • Ask them about the charges for loading, unloading and luggage handling etc. to avoid any hidden charges.

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