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    Between the undersigns of record: Transportadora y prestadora de servicios turísticos LETS GO MEXICO con R.F.C. LVA1804108M9 con inscripción sec.turismo 5000632 or the effects of the present contract shall be simply called as the first party THE PROVIDER OF TOURIST SERVICES the present contract shall simply be called the other party, THE CONTRACTING PARTY, we have executed the present contract for the providing of tourism services

    1.- OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT: By way of the present contract the C. LETS GO MEXICO, obligates himself/herself with THE CONTRACTING PARTY who freely and spontaneously has adhered himself/herself to this contract, to provide to the beneficiaries of the service contracted by him/her, the fulfillment of the activities and specifications described in the service or plan chosen by him/her with responsibility and to look after the quality of the service, providing the service in the Spanish or English Language, according to that which is pertinent or in both Languages.

    1. SCOPE OF THE SERVICES: The services to which LETS GO MEXICO obligates himself/herself in as for the performance of the present contract are those which are listed ahead;

    2.1.- Ground Transportation as of the arrival of THE CONTRACTING PARTY and his/her group of people, up to the termination of the duration of the present contract, including in this item, transportation from THE CONTRACTING PARTY’S place arrival notwithstanding whether it is by way of air, maritime, ground or of any other type to his/her places for accommodations, guided visits to the tourist sites that are required or which at any given moment are required by the client, as well as places for entertainment, according to that which is agreed to within the present contract or in accordance with the needs that come up within the time period for the duration of the present contract, all of this with the finality of offering an excellent service to THE CONTRACTING PARTY.

    2.2.- The Tourist Guide, obligates himself/herself to make visits to the tourist places and the places that are of interest to THE CONTRACTING PARTY and his/her group, in accordance to that which is foreseen in the present contract or according to the needs and pleasures of THE CONTRACTING PARTY, if and when it is found to be within the time period of the duration of the same.

    2.3.- As well, in the event that THE CONTRACTING PARTY requires additional services from The Provider of Services, these shall be paid for in a direct manner and by way of an agreement between both of the parties, without affecting the object of the present contract.

    1. PRICE: The parties covenant that the unitary price per passenger shall be the amount of $_____.00 ( pesos 00/100 mn) depending on the route chosen by the clients

    TOURISTS are subject to possible changes in the prices.

    4.- FORM OF PAYMENT: THE TOURISTS shall pay in full the plan that is chosen, as well as the taxes that are generated, directly to the Provider of Services, and as a result he/she obligates himself/herself to deliver his/her receipt or a fiscal invoice, according to the needs of THE CONTRACTING PARTY.

    Any additional expense and which is not foreseen in the present contract, shall be agreed to between the parties and under the same payment conditions.


    The present contract shall commence to have effects on the date in which the same is signed and its duration shall be from the ________ day, terminating on the ______ day of ____________ of the year 20______.

    1. LIMITATIONS ON THE LIABILITES OF THE PROVIDER OF SERVICE he/she does not assume any legal liability for: a. The personal expenses that are incurred by the user during the tourist plan or expenses not stipulated in the present contract b. The user’s behavior, as well as for the inconveniences in which he/she may find himself/herself to be involved, that generate his/her withdrawal from the excursion or the tourist plan, for behavior that is punishable in a disciplinary or criminal manner or that is immoral. c. With regards to luggage and its content, nor any object that is taken along with him/her by the user, being that these elements as well as their security is the exclusive security of the user. As well, because they are considered to be unforeseeable events, the Provider of Services is free of any liabilities in the following events: a. Delays in the schedules of ground transportation that are a result of the closing of roads, whatever the reason may be, be it because of natural conditions or of a public order. b. Loss or cancellation of tourist services such as: accommodation services, tours or others that are provoked by the delays that are caused. c. Block ups in the hotels and/or delay in the delivery of rooms. d. Quarantines and other circumstances of force majeure or fortuitous events that alter the normal execution of the performance of the tourist services; nevertheless the Provider of Services shall channel before the provider the complaints or claims that are filed because of said motives. e. For accidents, losses or damages that are suffered by the users as result of the carelessness or violation of the instructions that are given for the proper enjoyment of his/her stay by the transporters (bus, boats or airplanes) and/or hotels. f. Damages, losses and harms caused by the transporters (ground, maritime and/or river and/or hotels. g. Damages, losses and harms caused by the user’s neglect and/or negligence; h. Absence of a timely report and/or to not turn over in custody jewelry and goods that are the property of the passengers i. Violations of the Bylaws of each one of the providers of tourist services that are contracted and j. Possible transgressions of federal legal ordinances or those of a state order of the place that is visited and other applicable laws.
    2. THE USER’S OBLIGATIONS: The user of tourism services must present at all times the documentation which identifies him/her and which is required by the authorities. In the event of minors, the adults in charge of their care must exhibit an identity card or the birth certificate from the civil registry. The omission of this requisite, frees the Provider of Services from any monetary claim or of any other type that could present itself from the incidents that such conduct may generate and which affects the performance of the tourism plan.
    3. CANCELLATIONS: When THE SERVICE PROVIDER In the event the cancellation is made by the user, it shall be taken into account that the requests for the refund of money shall only be accepted in fortuitous cases, of force majeure or for any occurrence of the following events: a. Medical Incapacity or the death of the passenger or of a family member up to a second grade of kinship, events which shall be accredited by way of the presentation of the certificate issued by a competent authority or by a Notary as may be the case; b. Incompatibility with the user’s work schedule on the date of the trip the same which shall be proven with the presentation of a written certificate from the company were he/she works. The payments for the services which the passengers do not make use of because of a personal decision that is made once the trip has commenced, shall not be refundable.
    4. REFUND CONDITIONS: In the events of ground transportation, in which it is the user who cancels or desists from taking the tourism program without a justified cause the advance payments that were made for said services shall be applied in favor of THE SERVICE PROVIDER.
    5. THE POSSIBILITY OF MAKING ADJUSTMENTS TO THE PLANS AND HOURS: THE SERVICE PROVIDER, before extreme circumstances or special ones may change the itineraries, guaranteeing at all times and as of this moment to the users of the service that the new services shall be of an equal or a higher category than the ones that are contracted, in accordance to how they are contracted with THE CONTRACTING PARTY.

    11.- ITS PERFECTION. The present contract may be perfected by any one of the following manners: a) By the signing of the contract by both of the parties. b) By the manifestation of the acceptance of the contractual conditions via e-mail at the following e-mail.

    APPLICATION OR INTERPRETATION OF THE CONDTIONS: The present contract is governed on the basis of articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 fraction XI, 33, 34, 36, 48 and 49 of the Law for Federal Roads, Bridges and Automobile Transport, as well, as by its Bylaws in as for that which is foreseen in numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 30, 35 and 36 of the ordinance of reference, and

    in the same manner by that which foreseen in articles 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the Law for General Communication Routes and all of the ordinances that are related and applicable.

    1. CONTRACTUAL ADDRESS: The City of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco is fixed as a contractual address and it is signed on the _________ day of the month of _________ of 20___.

    ________________________________ _______________________________

    Transportadora y prestadora de THE CONTRACTING PARTY

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